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We always hold ourselves to high ethical standards to give you an accurate appraisal.

Fair and accurate appraisals

Experience, knowledge, and expert appraisal services

The team at Steenhoek Appraisal, Inc. has an extensive background in appraisal work. We work with homeowners and future homeowners to discover the accurate value of their properties.

It’s important that you take into consideration the following when you choose the right appraiser for your property:

  • Formal education in real estate
  • Training in principles of valuation
  • Experience in buying and selling real estate
  • Knowledge of levels of value, and how the market is affected
  • Knowledge of retail values

Why are we the right appraisers for you?

We not only fit all of the criteria above, but we are also completely licensed and insured and in good standing with Iowa’s Real Estate Appraiser Board. Call us or request an appraisal online!

Talk to an appraisal professional if: you’re buying or selling a home, job relocation, investment property, home improvements, and more.

Steenhoek Appraisal, Inc. has been serving the homeowners in the Central Iowa area since 1991. We have the experience that you can trust.

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Steenhoek Appraisal values standards and ethics when completing your home or land appraisal. You’ll always receive our highest level of professionalism. ┬áTalk to our team of experienced appraisers and find out what your property is worth!

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